Choosing exercise equipment isn’t always easy. With so many choices it can be hard to discover which machine can fit your fitness needs (and your home gym space). So if you’ve read our spotlights on steppers, ellipticals, and cycle bikes, and still haven’t found a cardio machine for you, consider buying a recumbent bike. In short, this exercise equipment is versatile, easy on your joints, and compact, which are all great features for any in-home cardio equipment. 



One of the primary benefits to riding a recumbent cycle bike is its supported position. Compared to upright and cycle bikes, these bikes tend to have wide seats and back support, which may be beneficial for people who experience chronic neck and shoulder pain from upright sitting positions.



Like regular cycle and upright bikes, recumbent bikes work your lower-body muscle groups. With a challenging and consistent workout routine, you can activate your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. With enough intensity and effort, this machine is more than capable to power your calorie-burning workout routine.



You’ll be able to take advantage of the recumbent seating of this bike by performing upper body exercise. While cycling, try performing dumbbell-based exercises like curls and shoulder presses as you exercise. Or, if you’d rather a low-intensity experience, a recumbent bike will easily allow you to read, browse the web, or perform other light upper-body tasks while you exercise.



If you’re looking to outfit your home gym with a new recumbent bike, consider the EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike. This stationary bike is designed to pack a powerful workout in limited spaces. Its compact design can comfortably support leg inseams between 29 inches and 34 inches. And If you’re concerned about comfort, it has a wide and padded seat, complete with back support. You can easily mount and dismount the machine with its easy step-through technology.


You can control your workout entertainment by placing your personal device into the phone and tablet holder. There’s plenty of space to move your arms, which also makes it a great machine to perform upper body exercise (or to browse the web and watch videos on your tablet or phone).


The integrated performance monitor can track all of your essential workout data, including duration, distance, speed, and heart rate (with the included pulse sensors). If you’re looking to boost your workout challenge, or burn some extra calories, you can easily and quickly switch between 8 levels of magnetic resistance.


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