woman on indoor cycle bikes, Kickstart Your In-Home Cardio with a Cycle Bike

Picking the right equipment is an important part of starting a home gym. The wrong equipment can easily ruin a workout routine, turning your new activity into a monotonous task. And while we’ve highlighted some cool equipment, including steppers and ellipticals, a cycle bike will make a great addition to your home gym.

Like riding a traditional road bike, stationary bikes are great way to achieve a cardiovascular workout and can be key to weight loss and performance-based routines. Cycle bikes are also versatile exercise machines, allowing you to perform a range of low-impact rides and high-intensity climbing exercises.


In fact, ZooVaa carries a wide selection of stationary bikes. If you’re looking to kickstart your home gym with a dependable cardio machine, we recommend the Rear Drive Magnetic Upright Bike by EFITMENT.


To make the most out of your cycling workouts, it is essential to find a reliable cardio machine. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose the right cycle bike in order to kickstart your in-home cardio:



Having a great in-home workout involves comfort, performance, and portability. This magnetic exercise bike by EFITMENT has a V-shape design that makes it easy to perform longer rides in the upright riding positions, while also allowing you to complete performance-driven climbing workouts.  



Solid, durable, and stable equipment is essential for any home gym. If the frame on your cycle bike can’t support a vigorous workout routine, it will likely slow down your progression. The heavy-duty V-shape frame on the Rear Drive Upright Bike by EFITMENT supports up to 242lbs. So, you can feel confident performing any exercise routine on this bike.



This contactless resistance system is consistent, easy to apply, and requires little maintenance. On the upright bike you’ll find 8 levels of magnetic resistance. This will permit flexibility for different workout routines, ranging from easy to difficult—which you can alter with a convenient lever.



On this cycle bike, you can boost your workout performance when you achieve an optimal fit. You can do this by adjusting the two-way adjustable handle bars and 4-way adjustable seats on the Rear Drive Upright Bike. Designed to be tailored to your body, you’ll enjoy the 28-inch to 36-inch leg inseam range, which can accommodate most riders.



These bikes are built around the ability to display your workout data in real time. Grab the pulse grips to monitor your heart rate. The battery-powered display tracks your duration, distance, and calories burned. You can use this data to show how hard you’re working out, and how much harder you can push.