Aurora AW204

Grey Memory Foam w/ Cooling Gel Coccyx Seat Cushion by Aurora - AW204

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Helps with relief of lower back pain, Sciatica Relief, Tailbone Pressure


The Gel model is made from High Grade, High Density Memory Foam to maintain it's shape, provide comfort and remain long lasting; the gel provides a cool layer of support on the top of the cushion


Removable washable outer cover for longer lasting use.


Can be used at home, office, car, wheelchair and other places that are able support the surface area of the Cushion



Start reversing poor sitting habits and get the seating support you need with the Aurora Health & Beauty AW204 Gray Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion. We’ve designed this seating pad with high-quality memory foam that molds to your seating position, and helps relieve pain associated with prolonged sitting, including sciatica. Feel comfortable while sitting on the soft-touch, machine-washable surface. Created with portability in mind, and equipped with a slip resistant base, this cushion can be used in virtually any seat—in your home, car, or office. Best of all, Aurora Health & Beauty backs this product with a one-year limited warranty.

  • High-Quality Memory Foam: Personalized your seating experience with the highly-adaptable memory foam material that is used in this seat.
  • Contoured Design: This seat pad curves around edges to fit the general shape of your buttocks, hips, thighs, and tail bone.
  • Pain Relief: If your back and lower body pain is linked to your sitting position, you can use this memory foam coccyx seat to help relieve pain associated with sciatica and soft tail bones, while promoting proper posture.
  • Machine-Washable Exterior: Designed for gentle machine washes, the exterior material can be easily unzipped from the memory foam base.
  • Ultimate Portability: Take this memory foam coccyx seat wherever you plan to sit for long periods of time. The seat can be used at home, in a car, or an office. Its rubber base helps keep it in place.


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 17.7L x 13.7W x 2.8H inches



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