Building a home gym takes plenty of time and patience. In fact, we’ve explored several cardio machines that can supercharge your workout routine, including recumbent bikes, cycle bikes, ellipticals, and assisted squat machines. But of course, we’re always down to add new pieces of equipment to our top list. And this week, we’ve listed 4 reasons you should own a rowing machine.

Some cardio machines can offer experiences that are more familiar than others. For example, running on a treadmill is a lot like running in real life; and cycling on an exercise bike is much like riding a bike. But unlike those two cardio exercises, it’s likely that fewer people are familiar with rowing as a common activity. And that stigma can be a huge deterrent to trying this machine.

However, rowing machines can be a versatile machine that can develop muscles, build cardiovascular health, work your entire body simultaneously, and become an alternative to switch up your cardiovascular routine.



When you use the rowing machine, you’re pulling against some form of resistance: usually, air, water, or a magnetic force. This constant pull works the muscles in your upper body, core, and lower body, which can, in turn, develop muscles.



While this machine can develop muscles, it can get your heart pumping. The powerful movements required to pull against the resisting force can cause your heart rate to speed up with the demand. A continued cardiovascular effort, along with a consistent workout routine, can build your cardiovascular endurance.



Most machines tend to work on a particular area of the body: upper body, lower body, or core. But the rowing machine is an exception. This machine is built to workout out your legs during the initial drive, your core for general stability, and your upper body for the finishing and pulling portion of the movement.



There’s nothing worse than a boring workout routine. This machine can serve as a great cardiovascular machine that can break up long programs involving treadmill, cycle bikes, or even the stepper. Using a rowing machine is a fun and exciting way to keep your heart pumping.

If you’re looking to get into rowing and add one to your home gym, consider the RW036 EFITMENT AERO Rowing Machine by EFITMENT. This machine uses progressive air resistance, which means the harder you pull is the more resistance you’ll feel. Its digital monitor will keep tabs on your important workout statistics, including total time, distance, and calories burned. And the foldable design makes it easy to store around your home when it’s not in use.