While workout equipment for performance gains, it can also be purchased for peace of mind. In fact, there are several pieces of equipment that are designed to help you reach your fitness goals while also helping your to control your form. In this case, it’s like one of our favorite new toys: The EFITMENT Squat Assist Machine.


This squat machine can serve as a great solution for those who want to improve hip mobility and balance. In fact, squats have been shown to promote several health benefits, including increased hip mobility, flexibility, and reduced chance of injury. Squats can also strengthen the muscles around your leg joints including your glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings—all in one motion.


So how can this machine help you do it better?


For starters, this exercise machine is designed around a controlled squat motion (with a range of just over 14 inches). In this movement, you’ll be able to repeatedly squat up and down without putting unnecessary pressure on your joints, including your knees. It’s a machine that’s designed to help you improve your total lower body strength safely and efficiently.


It’s also designed for enduring workouts. Its metal frame is designed to support up to 220lbs. And if you want to boost your workout intensity, you can easily cycle between 12 levels of hydraulic resistance after you safely dismounted the machine. Each level of resistance makes it progressively harder to raise and lower your during body during each squat repetition.


The heavy-duty frame is designed to lower and raise your body. Designed to hold up to 220lbs, you can reach your total body fitness goals in minutes. This squat has a motion range of just over 14 inches. Want to boost the intensity of your workout? Cycle between 12 levels of hydraulic resistance to make it progressively harder to raise and lower during your squat exercises.


So why not invest in something that can help you target muscles safely. Check out the SA022 Squat Machine by EFITMENT.