Start Your Outdoor Workout Routine with These Accessories

Sometimes we all need a breath of fresh air, especially when it comes to working out. If you’re tired of a monotonous routine at your home or local gym, then consider taking your workout outside. With a few handy EFITMENT accessories, you can turn any open space into a challenge haven for your next workout.


Elastic Battle Ropes

Upper body training doesn’t have to be limited to the gym. Grab the elastic battle ropes with nylon covering for an outdoor resistance exercise. Tie the rope around a grounded object, like a tree or a pole, to perform lifts, slams, waves, and jacks. Each of these exercises can help you target your abs, back, arms, shoulders, and glutes. Perform resistance band push and pull exercises to switch up your routine. The 30-foot length makes this resistance tool extremely versatile: Its long length makes it possible to control the resistance you feel. The further you stand back, the more elastic resistance you will feel. Combine these rope movements with jumping and squatting exercises to increase your calorie-burning that you will burn.


Speed Ladder

Toss the indoor cardio machine and exchange it for an open space and an agility ladder. This 13.5-foot ladder is designed to improve your footwork, build your endurance, and increase your overall responsiveness. Set the ladder down in an open area to perform a myriad of quick, cardiovascular moves. It has 8 heavy-duty plastic rungs that can expand up to 15 inches—which can be adjusted based on your skill level and exercise type. This ladder can help boost your agility, balance and coordination. Practice quick speed-based movements by jumping over the 8 heavy-duty runs. Designed for cardio performance, you can perform HIIT (High-intensity interval training) workouts for both your upper and lower body. And the best part? You can easily roll up the ladder into its compact carrying case for ultimate portability.


Adjustable Weighted Vest

Boost the challenge of your outdoor run by adding an adjustable weighted vest to your workout routine. Complete cardiovascular (running, jogging and walking) and bodyweight (body squats, push-ups, and lunges) exercises with up to 12 pounds of added weight. Flexible weight blocks can be added or removed easily from the stretchable neoprene pockets. Take advantage of its double-sided Velcro waist straps, which limits the movement of the weights while you exercise.


Important note: It doesn’t matter where you exercise, it’s how you exercise. Work out where you feel most safe and comfortable. And, with your physician’s approval, change up your workout routine to avoid stiff and boring workouts.