EFITMENT Adjustable Weighted Vest for Fitness (12-40lbs)

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Burn the FAT by adding more to your workouts with the one size fits all EFITMENT A001 12LB. WEIGHTED VEST. Carrying extra weight during your workouts demands more oxygen due to the increased muscle activity resulting in increased strength and improved cardiovascular conditioning. Double sided Velcro waist straps limits movements keeping the weighted vest secure to avoid chaffing during bouncing and accelerated movements. Flexible weight blocks (FLEXO BLOX ™) ensure comfort and the ability to move with the body with minimal restriction. Flexible weight blocks can be added or removed easily from the stretchable neoprene pockets.

  • DURABILITY – Made of durable sweat resistance material. This not only helps keep you comfortable while working out, but sweat resistance helps keep your vest clean as well.
  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT – Soft rubber steel weights are adjustable in 1/2 pound increments up to 12lbs. Vary your workout load to tailor your needs for beginners to advanced fitness elites.
  • COMFORT – Double Velcro Adjustable straps for comfortable and secure fit to accommodate all user sizes. Keep your vest snug and in place for the demands of a vigorous workout.
  • SIZING – One size fits all


RED 12 lbs (17 x 17in)
BLUE 20 lbs (18 x 18in)
BLACK 40 lbs (16.5 x 26.5in)



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