Why you should add an elliptical to your home gym

For most of us, space for in-home workout equipment is limited. So, every single machine, accessory, and exercise mat matters.


While you could just buy a machine that can take a place of an entire home gym, it might not be financially (or physically) feasible. However, there are other pieces of equipment that can make the most of a workout with limited space.


If you don’t want to take your workout outdoors or become a minimalist with an exercise stepper, then consider an elliptical. It’s quiet, effective, and portable—which should be requirements for any piece of home gym equipment. In fact, we’ve got 6 reasons why you should add one of these machines to your personal home gym.


GUIDED EXERCISE FORM: An elliptical machine utilizes an assisted motion that guides your body through the striding motion. In other words, you step and it moves. This controlled motion makes it difficult for you to inflict injury on yourself, in comparison to running or cycling improperly.


FULL-BODY WORKOUT: The elliptical machine requires the use of both of your arms and legs as you stride. It works your core, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps in your lower body. Holding on to the handle bars can also help condition your biceps, triceps, back, shoulders and chest in your upper body.


MAGNETIC RESISTANCE: While many in-home ellipticals are not big and bulky, they do have powerful resistance systems. The magnetic mechanism system gives you consistent resistance that can make your workout progressively challenging.


COMPACT FRAME: Many in-home ellipticals are made with tight spaces in mind. Exercise machines like the EFITMENT E005 and E006 Magnetic Trainers have stride lengths under 14 inches. If you have more space, consider an elliptical like the EFITMENT 020 Air Walker that has a 24-inch stride length with front-to-back and side-to-side motion.


PORTABILITY:  Not only are in-home ellipticals compact, they are easy to move. These machines are often equipped with handy transportation wheels that can glide across several home surfaces. This is great for when you need to briefly convert a room into a home gym or hide your elliptical from open areas.


QUIET OPERATIONS: Some fitness equipment can be loud. But ellipticals can often times be the opposite—virtually silent. These machines, especially EFITMENT ellipticals, are equipped with belt-drive mechanisms which are quiet as they are smooth. So, it doesn’t matter if you decided a late-night workout or if you just don’t want to draw any attention to yourself, this machine can do that for you.