Aurora AW205

Lumbar Back Support Cushion by Aurora - AW205

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It’s time to give your back the relief it deserves with the luxury Aurora AW205 Lumbar Back Support Cushion. Add the comfortable back cushion to ease back pressure and aches caused from sitting for prolonged periods of time. This small and lightweight in home pillow can be used in your car during long drives or used as an office pillow support as well. Using the coccyx cushion is beneficial for pain relief in the lumbar area, muscle tension in the lower back, chronic sciatica, lumbar scoliosis, bad posture, arthritis and degenerative disc problems. The aurora seat cushion is here to support you and always have your back.

  • ERGONOMIC - Take your orthopedic memory foam back support wherever you go. The 13.6 x13.2 x 4.4 inches allows you to keep your pillow close at hand. Take it to the office, on long driving commutes, or when in need better back support at sporting events. Don’t let long periods of sitting keep you from doing the things you love the most.
  • CURVED - The curved design in our supportive cushion helps preserve the natural curve of the spine in the lower back .Maintaining proper posture while sitting is a key factor to reducing the stress of your lower back. The Aurora lumbar support makes it easier to sit with perfect posture which helps discomfort from pregnancy, back pain, fibromyalgia and more.
  • MEMORY FOAM - The Aurora memory foam pillow’s comfortable and cool design adds extra support and comfortability. The memory foam support is made with a washable velvety smooth exterior pillow for added softness. The supportive foam helps relieve and alleviate back aches, muscle aches and general sore backs that can be caused from sitting for long periods of time.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP - The 13.2 inch adjustable strap will help secure your support pillow to the chair you are using. Make sure to adjust it to the curvature in your back to maintain proper posture. Proper placement is required to help the effectiveness of this product.


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 13L x 14.5W x 5H inches