Aurora CTD420

Cervical Traction Device by Aurora - CTD420

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The Aurora Cervical Traction Device allows for true free movement while alleviating your neck, shoulder, back, spine of pain. This stretching device relieves pressure put on to your discs and nerves in the back, neck and shoulder regions. Unlike many other devices, the CTD420 is designed around free movement, and does not constrain you to a wall, door, or sitting while using this device. While other devices put pressure on your neck, the Aurora Cervical Traction Device allows you to comfortably adjust the amount of tension and stretch your neck with the chain beads. The CTD420 is made with high-quality, durable ABS Materials that can withstand multiple use and a pull force of up to 34lbs on the bead chain. Always consult with a physician prior to use. Proper use should help alleviate many symptoms caused by neck and spinal pressure on an individual. Can be comfortably worn at home or in the office with most the freedom to do easy daily activities such as cooking, typing, watching TV, and other low-impact activities.

  • Lightweight Design: The Cervical tool weighs 4lbs and is designed to distribute the weight of the device equally across your shoulders and back. This allows you to move freely while the device is attached to your shoulders.
  • Easy Adjustments: Pull the chain to loosen or tighten the resistance applied to your neck and shoulders.
  • Strong Pulling Force: The Cervical Traction Device has a strong pulling force that can support up to 34lbs.
  • Helps Alleviate Pain: This device can help alleviate pain in neck, shoulder, and spine by relieve and distributing pressure from the neck. It can also relieve pain and associated neck conditions, such as arthritis, disc bulges, and hernias.
  • Promotes Circulation: The tool can stretch and relieve pressure from your spine, while also improving blood circulation and oxygen flow throughout your body.


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 16L x 14W x 4H inches