There is no debate that sitting has become common practice in both work and leisure activities. In fact, many adults spend 70 percent or more of their waking hours sitting—and since 1970, the number of Americans sitting at a desk has doubled.


Scientists have studied the effects of a primarily sedentary lifestyle, and they have found that prolonged sitting can put you at risk for developing low back pain, sciatica, poor posture, and decrease spine health.


One way to combat this issue is to use a Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion. Sitting on hard surfaces have been shown to increase the amount of tail bone pressure, which could lead to tail bone pain. The soft texture and coccyx cut out creates a comfortable seat that decrease the amount of pressure on your coccyx, which will reduce pain in your tail bone region.


These gel-based cushions can often accommodate most chairs and users. The sizable seating area also helps users feel balanced while helping relive pain caused from prolonged sitting on a hard surface. Since back pain can often be present on only one side of the body, thus causing an individual to shift their posture to aid in the reduction of their pain, a cushion can help restore proper alignment of the spine by helping users avoid the asymmetrical weight shifting caused by one sided pain.


Invest in a Aurora Coccyx Cushion to combat a sedentary lifestyle. It also features a cooling gel layer on the top to help create a more comfortable seated experience. The high-density memory foam with conform to your specific shape and is ergonomically designed to contour to your buttocks and hips.