Counting calories and dividing portions can be hard. Sure, it can be easier when food comes prepackaged, and your serving sizes are accurate to the label. But what about those homemade meals that are made from scratch? Between the different ingredients, it can be easy to lose track for portion sizes.

A scale can do more than just monitor your weight—it can also measure your food serving size. If you’re counting calories, many meals have to be eaten in particular portions. And sometimes those portions require you to measure the food in weight, rather than pieces.

So, what do you do when your recipe requires 8oz of fish, 5oz of cheese, or 4oz of chicken? This is where the ZooVaa food scale comes into the plan.



This compact and versatile scale can measure, milliliters, fluid ounces, grams, pounds, and standard ounces. You can even use the included code sheet to calculate caloric values based on preloaded serving size entries. This machine also has room for 99 custom entries for foods not listed on the code sheet. Simply put, this machine can give you generic estimates if you don’t have a serving size ready.

If you want to measure liquids, this machine has a tare function that can null the weight of a container when you measured poured liquid.

Cleanup is the best part. The tempered glass (which is heat resistant) can support up to 11 pounds of foods. It’s easy to wipe and clean with a damp towel, ready to measure our next serving.