Summer is finally here, which means it’s the perfect time to host outdoor events and parties. And if you missed your chance to host an outdoor event during Memorial Day, you can make up for lost food and drinks during the summer months. Whether you’re prepping for the 4th of July, Labor Day, or a weekend in between, we’ve got 5 essential items that will kickstart your outdoor party at home.


In the summertime, the grill is often the center piece of the party. Pack smart with The Portagrillo by Picnic Time. This gas-powered cooking machine has a built-in igniter, sliding tables, and easy-to-grip handles. While its compact, it has plenty of grill space, measuring at 235 square inches. It even has foldable legs that can keep it stable on several types of surfaces. If you ask us, we’re sure this will be the hottest item at your party.



One of the new additions to the ZooVaa line is this sweet, compact, and effective stand-up cooler. An alternative to a traditional, on-the-ground cooler, the pop-up cooler sits 34.5 inches off of the ground (about waist level). This makes it easy to reach for drinks without bending down. It has a dual-interior lining that keeps drinks cool and makes dumping ice easy. Made with sturdy, removable steel legs, it can support up to 40 bottles and cans, or up to 80 pounds of goods. And when it’s time to go home, you’ll appreciate how it fits inside of its slim carrying case.



If you want to make people drool, you’ll need to pack the right tools. This 18-piece BBQ Tool Set by Picnic Time will be a great addition to any grill over the summer. We’re in love with its detailed wood handles and the stainless-steel finish. This set includes a 25-inch spatula with a built-in bottle opener, a pair of tongs, corn cob holder, a grill brush with scrape—just to name a few items. Don’t worry about misplacing anything: All of the tools sit in a heavy-duty case that makes travelling with it a breeze.



Some people like chairs, and other people are a bit more “down to earth.” If you want to enjoy your party closer to the ground, consider snagging one of these six colorful picnic blankets. They fold nicely into a tote bag for easy portability. Each blanket design has a durable, water-resistant coating across the surface, which is nearly 21 square feet. And you’ll enjoy sitting on the soft, fleece surface during the evening—especially on a breezy day underneath a tree.



What’s an outdoor party without a little physical exercise? If you want to switch things up, you can host a friendly competition with your friends and family. Test your speed, agility, and coordination, by performing several quick exercises that you can pick up in moments. And this quick ladder can be folded easily for ultimate portability.