It can be hard to maintain any beauty or skin care routine at home. Between starting it and applying the product your skin, it’s a time commitment. Since every moment matters, consider boosting the effects of your morning (or late night) ritual with steam.  


Researcher have shown that limited exposure to steam can be beneficial to your skin. In a recent study, participants who have been exposed to steam (temperatures above 80 Celsius) for 15-minute increments, have seen open pores, softer skin, and better recovery from dehydration. Open pores in particular are essential to your absorbing beauty creams and supplements.  


One of the easiest ways to get a steam treatment in your home is to get a facial steamer. Beauty products like the Aurora AB303 Nano Ion Facial Steamer makes it simple to add 15-minute steam sessions to your current beauty routine. The portable steamer has a 15-minute limit to prevent over usage. It also lets out very warm steam that you can control with a pivoting nozzle that has 35 degrees of motions.


We highly recommend using distilled water with this product to ensure clean, mineral free water is able to enter your open pores. Distilled water in combination with the ionizing steamer produces steam powerful enough to penetrate your pores, soften your skin, and help rid your face of debris. For accurate and clean pouring, it has a 2.88oz water tank that’s easy to fill with its included measuring cup.


Built around portability, this lightweight steamer weighs just over 2 pounds. It can be set up in your bathroom or beauty space in minutes.


Want even more for your beauty routine? Check out the Aurora AB302 5X LED Tabletop Mirror to get a better view at your face when you’re applying beauty products. It has a standard 1x and magnified 5x view, so you can apply your beauty products even better.