You’re looking forward to your summer party, and just like that it happened. Your trusty cooler— the one that you’ve taken to countless tailgates, beach parties, and barbeques— has begun to leak. While you never imagined that this time would come in your life, you know what you need to do: Buy a new cooler.

So, if you’re in the buying process for a cooling device, we’d like to present an alternative to your search: A stand-up cooler. No, this one doesn’t tell jokes, but it’s features will make it the center of attention during your next outdoor party. 

Here are 4 reasons you should consider the ZooVaa Portable Insulated Pop-Up Cooler for your next outdoor event.



The ZooVaa Portable Insulated Pop-Up Cooler sits 34.5 inches off of the ground, which makes it easy to reach for drinks without bending down. And for the average person, the cooler is at waist level. Want even more convenience? There’s even an easy-access, Velcro-secured flap that can make it easy to grab one drink out at a time without exposing all of the drinks at once. Getting a cold drink has never been so easy.



Sure, all good coolers have thermal insulation, but few have more than one protective layer to maintain both temperature and convenience. Our Pop-up cooler has a dual-interior lining. On the outside you’ll find our thermal-insulated 1680D Oxford fabric, which is grey, sleek, and effective. On the inside you’ll find a plastic lining that is used to keep drinks cool, prevent internal links, and to make it easy to dump unused and melted ice.



The pop-up cooler is supported by heavy-duty steel legs that can stand on nearly any surface. It has an 18-inch diameter, and the cooler is 15 inches deep. Which means that you can fit up to 40 bottles or cans—or up to 80 pounds.



What’s better than a cooler that you can fit nearly anywhere? One that’s collapsible of course. This pop-up cooler comes with a durable and slim carrying case. Once collapsed, you can fit the pop-up cooler easily in the trunk of your car or in your garage.