You may have seen a standard foam roller used at a home gym or a workout facility. But ZooVaa has created AW201 Black Vibrating Roller that uses integrated vibration technology to provide users with a unique massage experience. So, what should you expect from added vibration technology anyway?

What’s special about it?

If you have used a foam roller before, you can expect similar benefits with this vibrating roller, but with more muscle simulation. Users can control vibration intensity on the multifunctioning roller, choosing between lower and higher frequencies. As you get more comfortable with the vibration and start to increase the vibration level, you will feel the vibration going deeper around the targeted areas you choose to massage. It also comes with a convenient central compartment to store your valuables, so they don’t get in the way during your rolling sessions.

How to use it

To create the most effective vibration roller experience, place the roller on the muscle and roll with light pressure at the lowest vibration frequency. Much like a regular foam roller, the more body weight you lay on the roller, the more pressure you will feel. Some users may feel pain if they start with too much pressure. Find a firm yet barrable rolling pressure and set the vibration frequency to is lowest setting. Increase the vibration intensity as needed.

Effective rolling technique

A common misconception is that you must roll up and down on your muscles, much like rolling dough at a quick rate. A more effective way is to perform slow, controlled rolling motions until you identify a sensitive spot on your muscle. This point, sometimes referred to as a trigger point, is the area of concern. When you find your trigger point, hold the pressure for about 20 to 30 seconds until the sensitivity reduces and the desired muscle tissue change is reached to reduce tension in the muscles.  If an area is to sensitive, try using the roller on areas above and below the more sensitive areas of your muscles.

Using a roller massager has been proven to be a very helpful recovery tool. Especially after intense bouts of exercise. In a recent study, reduction in muscle soreness while improving muscle activation, and passive and dynamic joint range of motion was observed compared to those who did not use roller massagers.