How to avoid the crowded gyms this New Year (and still put health and wellness first)


While many might be starting a gym-heavy fitness plan at the start of the new year, others might be looking for ways to live healthier lives while trying to decrease their sedentary lifestyles. If you want to make this year a stride toward increasing your health and wellness outside the gym or exercise program, we’ve got three items that can boost your overall activity and wellness.

Use a Standing Desk Riser: If you are an individual that sits during work for most of the day, you may experience some aches and pains associated from pore posture while sitting. Using a standing desk can help combat these issues and yield several other health benefits for the body, including increased mood and energy levels, better posture, reduced back pain.

Increase the comfort of your chair with a Coccyx Seat Cushion: Sitting on a chair with limited cushioning increases the amount of tail bone pressure—which can lead to discomfort and pain in the low back. You can increase your comfort while limiting pain when you sit on high density memory foam that is equipped with a cool gel layer. You can even transfer the cushion to any seat that requires long term reclining for comfort throughout the day.

Add a Vibrating Foam Roller to your wellness kit: Foam rollers are portable, personal, massage-like cylinders that come in various sizes and textures. If you want to take your roller to the next level, consider a foam roller that has integrated vibration technology. These rollers can improve flexibility by breaking fascial adhesions in the soft tissue surrounding your muscle. Feel free to use a foam roller before, during, or after workouts, or just throughout the day for normal tight muscle relief.