How battle ropes can benefit your fitness routine

The use of ropes as a health and fitness training tool is nothing new. In fact, jump ropes have been used for years to help users increase their cardiovascular performance. If you’re looking for a new way to use ropes in your workout routine, consider battle ropes.

Battle ropes are extra-long ropes that have diameters larger than an inch. Unlike jump ropes, battle ropes are used by anchoring the middle of the rope to a fixed-point, which allows the user to perform a variety of movements, including waves, by using muscles in the arms and legs.

Users can experience a high-intensity workout with battle ropes when they perform rapid multi-directional movements with one or both arms. Research has shown that short burst of battle rope usage can increase use heart rate and boost overall intensity of cardio routines.

You can innovate your training experience by using elastic battle ropes. This special kind of rope combines the benefits of battle rope exercises with resistance training. Made from a dual-functioning material, these ropes have enough weight to be used like traditional battle ropes, but can double as a supersized resistance band. Elastic battle ropes—unlike regular battle ropes—makes it possible to transition between total aerobic and anaerobic exercises in seconds—all with one piece of equipment.  

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