When good weather just around the corner, the dreams of having a picnic seem more like reality. But with every picnic comes a great deal of planning, like what you should you bring and how should you bring it.

While we can’t answer what you should bring (which is solely dependent on your personal preference), we do have a couple of recommendations on what you can bring to make your picnic more of a “walk in the park.”



 Presentation is everything. If you choose to have your picnic at the park, you can have it at a covered bench if it’s available. But if you’re looking for a more traditional picnic on the grass, consider getting a large blanket to set your sitting and serving area. Something like our Tote Outdoor Picnic Blanket is easy to carry to the park or wrap up to be tossed in your car.

If you don’t plan on going too far from home (more like your front yard) then you might want to look into getting a picnic bench that can be used over and over again during family and friend gatherings. Check out this collapsible picnic table that can be moved and stored with ease.


Food storage is a huge consideration when you plan a picnic. If you’re looking to surprise someone with a stereotypical picnic, then think about a Piccadilly picnic basket. Perfect for a day out for two, this willow-woven basket has a fully-lined red-and-white plaid interior that has storage areas for plates, glasses, and utensils.

Now if you’re looking for practicality, then consider a cooling tote. This handy thing might not look like a traditional picnic basket, but it’s perfect for dishes and drinks that require controlled temperatures.

Now once you bring the food, where does it go? Space can be limited during picnics? One space-saving item that you can pick up is a three-tiered serving ladder that can hold food and beverages. This is where class and style meet fun and practicality.


As long as you have good food and good company, you’re all set. Sharing quality time with a friend, loved one, or family member—or even some solitude by yourself—matters the most. Have fun!