So, it’s the weekend. And all of your friends are expecting you to throw a party with some of the best-tasting drinks on hand.

What do you do? Well, with the right accessories, you can craft some great drinks to keep your guest pleased and your party going.



Looking to make your own cocktail bitters, but don’t trust your hand? Check out the Viski Professional Bitters Bottle with Dasher Top. This rounded bottle is perfect for pouring drink elements without the risk of pouring too much. It’s perfect to create cocktails like Sazerac, Old-Fashioned, or a classic martini.



While cocktails might be fun to drink, they’re not always fun to measure. So, go ahead and take the guesswork out of cocktail making with the Vista 14oz measured cocktail shaker. This shaker has both U.S. and metric standards of measurements.

Drinks like Manhattan, Champagne Cocktails, and The Sawyer have just got a little easier to make at home.



If you’re looking for a way to show off the vibrant drinks and your unmatched drink-crafting skills, you should invest in the Viski Professional Extra-Large Crystal Mixing Glass. This 800ml container is made with lead-free crystals and has a pouring spout that makes serving the last thing on your mind.

The most important rule of making great drinks at home: don’t spill the recipe. This can help.



While the drink making happens in the kitchen, you’ve got to make sure that there is a show on the floor. When you’re ready to serve your drinks, add the final touch with a TrueZoo Unicorn Stir Sticks. Not only will this make the drinks look more fun, but your guess will be able to stir your homemade drinks to their liking.



But what if you’re hosting a party and you don’t plan on making the drinks, and you just want to buy them? Well, if you plan on having bottled drinks, get a pair of snazzy bottle openers. Keep the party gun with a Shark Tanked Bottle Openers by TrueZoo, which makes a simple thing like a bottle opener more fun to pass around.

If you’re into tech, and want to prove to your friends that everyone is already living in the future, consider the Captor(TM) Automatic Bottle Opener. This stainless-steel technology fits over the top of your bottle and uses its electronic motors to slowly loosen the drink. The internal magnets even hold onto to the bottle cap for you.