Stress is just a fact of life. And sometimes we have to be creative with how we deal with it. Many researchers support that massages are a great way to reduce stress.


While life might make it difficult to schedule massage therapy, it’s entirely possible to reap the benefits of a great massage at home. This week we’ve listed 4 massagers that can relax muscles throughout your body.



Who says massages are only reserved for big muscles? With this mini massager, you can give you face the break it deserves. Utilizing microcurrent vibration technology, it’s designed to be used in tandem with just about any skincare routine, helping vital nutrients penetrate the pores of your facial skin. Additionally, its gentle movement can help relax skin. This massager has a convenient design that only turns on the battery-powered massager when it has contact with your face.



If it feels like you’ve got the whole world on your shoulders, it might be time for a massage. This portable, shiatsu-style massager is equipped with two rotating nodes that can relieve tension, knots, and kinks in deep muscle tissue. It works well for muscles in your neck, shoulder, and upper back. And with some creative placement, you can use this massager on your lower back, core, thighs, and feet. You also can increase the effectiveness of massages in and instant with the automatic heat control. Equipped with soft touch material and convenient arm rest, this machine is designed for nearly instant relaxation.



Sitting in a chair doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. This portable lumbar massager is designed to dig deep into muscle tissue in your lower back. While it’s compact, it’s equipped with 8 massage nodes with heating capabilities. The nodes move in clockwise, and counter-clockwise directions, which mimic shiatsu style massages. Experience comfort with its soft-touch exterior that is gentle on your skin. And if you’re trying to avoid the frills of massagers, you’ll appreciate that this machine only has one that powers the massager on and off.



Want to rest your feet at the end of a work day? Consider this feet-only compression massager. It’s equipped with 8 rolling nodes that have 3 distinct massage modes and 2 levels of intensity. Designed around comfort, cloth-covered slots and air compression technology for a nice, snug fit. You can even turn on the added infrared heating to relax muscles throughout the massaging process.