Individual needs vary, and sometimes sensory items are needed to help calm children. So, when deciding on which sensory items best fits your child’s needs or your own, it’s important to understand the design factors that can provide the right feel and comfort.

Functionality, fit, and feeling are three features found in our sensory line: weighted vest for kids, the weighted blanket, and the weighted lap pad.



These well-designed weighted vests create an even and comfortable compression fit for children between the ages of 3 to 12. The combination of 3.5 pounds of sensory pressure comes from 4 (3/8 LB) removable weights for the back and 2 (1/2 LB) removable weights for the front. This ensures evenly distributed pressure around the torso simulating a warm hug. Don’t worry about losing the weights or creating a fit that is too snug and uncomfortable. Each vest is designed to provide maximum functionality while worn.

Kids play hard! And this vest is designed to keep up. Running, jumping, rolling, climbing, and falling are the norm for the active child. Equipped with an easy to use front zipper and elastic sides, these vests allow for freedom of movement while maintain a secure and snug fit. Your child can wear this vest during any occasion to fit their specific needs.




Sensory products aren’t just for children. Adults enjoy the experience of relaxation and warm pressure just as much as children do. The weighted blanket offers a perfect option to meet the needs of the whole family. The luxurious feel of the minky fabric provides 5 pounds of weighted compression, helping you feel like your wrapped in the warm arms of a loved one.




If you are looking for a more portable sensory items to use. The weighted lap pad can offer similar benefits as the weighted blanket, but in a more convenient size. This make it perfect for use in the classroom, office, movie theater, outdoor event, or home. The 4.75-pound low profile design provides a grounded and soothing effect when placed around the shoulders and back, or along you lap. The intermediate grey is the perfect neutral color to match any style, while the reverse side color of white is not too bold or distracting.